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You will find Lake Norman Natural Dog Training to not only be effective and humane, but also reasonably priced! We believe that dog training should not be a "luxury" but an essential part of the canine-human bond.  We service the greater Mooresville, NC area.  Pricing is for our limited service area.  We gladly accept clients outside of our service area for an additional travel fee.

In-Home Services  ---Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes unless otherwise specified. Sessions can be conducted at any location of your choice, including parks, vet offices, grooming salons, or your home!

During these training sessions we work with your dog modeling the correct body language and signals and then we coach you so you can continue the work in between sessions!  Using our “explain it, demonstrate it, coach it” methodology, you’ll receive the hands on support you need to get your dog trained. This is a great way to ensure a long term result from your training since you will learn how to correct or reinforce almost any future behavior, without having to have a trainer back in your home.  We do offer a lifetime of email and phone support for you and your dog. 











Puppy Headstart (puppies 12 weeks and under) .....3 sessions $175   5 sessions $275

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by your new puppy? Is this your first time raising a puppy or has it been years since you raised a puppy? Let us help you modify puppy behaviors such as mouthing, jumping and chewing. We can also help with house training, crate training, bell training and leash training, as well as beginning commands such as sit, stay and come. Your first session is approximately 90 minutes, all other sessions are 50 minutes in length. Receive a $25 discount when you continue your dog's training with a training package!

Early Puppy Board and Train ..... click here for more information!

We recommend Dr. Patricia McConnell's book  "Leader of The Pack" as an accompanying tool for this training package!  Check out our bookshelf!

 Individual Private Sessions........ Hourly Rate.....$ 90.00

These sessions can take place in any location you choose, home, vet's office, groomer's, office, park.  This is a good option if you only need to work on one or two behaviors.  Most issues will take a minimum of 3 sessions ($270)  to see positive changes and to clarify leadership roles. 

Behavioral Evaluation  (dogs over 12 weeks) ..... $100 up to 2 hours

Unsure of what you need to do to resolve behavior issues? Take advantage of our evaluation to determine what needs to happen for positive changes to take place in your dog's behavior.  No training takes place during the evaluation, but you can schedule hourly private sessions or purchase a block of sessions to get started on your dog's training plan. 

Behavioral Evaluations for aggression are taken on a case by case basis and fees begin at $125.  Call or email us for more information.

Evaluate and Learn (required for all dogs aged 6 months and older).....$125.00

Ready to start training NOW, but don't know where to begin?  This is your answer!  During the Evaluate portion of this session we will observe your dog and create a detailed behavioral history, discuss your goals and priorities, and get you and your pet started on learning foundation skills to support future training. During this session, you will get to experience our teaching and communication style and learn tips and techniques for immediate application to build new skills for your dog or to help solve the issues you are facing. The evaluation portion will last 60 minutes and requires prior completion of a behavioral history form.

If manners or basic obedience is your priority, one 50 minute training session is included in the evaluation and will be scheduled at the end of your Evaluate and Learn session. 

If more in-depth assistance is required for serious behavior issues or more than one or two training issues, a report outlining recommendations for training and/or behavior modification may be provided via email or phone following the session and $50 of the Evaluate and Learn fee will be applied to your future Behavior and Training needs. 

Discount Training Packages*:   2 Sessions /$175.00    3 Sessions/$250.00         4 Sessions /$320.00  Most popular package                                                                                   5 Sessions/$385.00     6 Sessions/$450.00    

(These packages are available after your dog or puppy completes the Evaluate and Learn session.)

This is our most preferred training offer.  Get a definite price advantage and a training plan to fit your needs.  Each package includes a free refresher session within 90 days of completion of your training package.  In addition, receive lifetime email and phone support for issues that might arise in the future.  These are pre-purchased sessions, and they are non-refundable but they are transferable*.

These packages are for basic training and moderate behavior modification.  If your dogs require more than moderate behavior modification (such as aggression issues), the fee may be slightly higher.  Rates specific to your dog's needs will be discussed in person during your first session. 

We recommend the purchase of one of Dr. Patricia McConnell's books for these training packages. Check our bookshelf by clicking here!

* Some limitations may apply.

Other Training Services                                                                           

View our books and training supplies here!

Behavior Modification  - $ 125 and up

Bad behaviors can be corrected!



Canine Good Citizen Testing -  $15.00 per dog

Is your dog ready for the challenge? Call us today and find out!!



Potty Training Workshop - $160.00 (2 sessions plus 3 months of email and phone support)

We can help you through the messiness of potty training!

This package includes Dr. Patricia McConnell's book "Way To Go"



Deaf and Sight Impaired Dog Training - Call for pricing

Exceptional Dogs deserve exceptional training- call us!



Day Training  - We Train for YOU! $300 and up---New!!

 We train while you work or vacation!




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