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                Dog friendly, Relationship Based training for you and your dog!

the Association of Professional Dog Trainers  defines “dog-friendly” training as “training that utilizes  primarily positive    reinforcement  [rewards to strengthen appropriate behavior];  secondarily negative punishment [removal of something the  dog wants (freedom/access/game)  in order to reduce an  unwanted behavior], and only occasionally, rarely, and/or  as a last resort  includes positive  punishment and/or  negative reinforcement.”

Our training philosophy is supported by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and American Animal Hospital Association.




Our training methods and philosophy are  based on the principles of learning theory and ethology -  the  biological study  of  the natural behavior  of  a  species.   

Our goal  is to  train effectively and humanely by understanding how  learning  takes  place  and basic canine behavior. Trainers familiar with ethology are less likely  to  interpret  dog  behaviors  based  on anthropomorphism  (assigning human traits and motivations to animals). Humane   training relies heavily on reward-based techniques to build and strengthen  desired  behaviors  and  withholding rewards to extinguish undesired behaviors.  We set your dog up to succeed;  we don't set the dog up to fail so it can be corrected.


Many dog owners want their dogs to "just do it" because they want to please their owners.  Many things are wrong with this type of thinking.  First of all, a dog will not recognize that you hold all the resources, so therefore are in a position of leadership unless you TEACH him that is the reality.  Dogs are very adept at manipulating owners to get what THEY want, and as many frustrated dog owners will attest, if you don't know how to change this pattern, your dog's behaviors may result in damage to property, family stress, and both an unhappy dog AND an unhappy family.

Rest assured that you won't need to carry treats with you for the lifetime of your dog!  We teach you how to replace food rewards with other markers to ensure your dog's lifetime of learning and obedience.  We believe that teaching your dog to respect you as a leader and to defer to you for direction at all times is based on giving your dog a clear and consistent message when he does the right thing! 






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