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                                                              Early Puppy Board and Train

              Take the first steps towards helping your puppy develop and grow into a GOOD PUPPY and a GREAT DOG!

Puppies grow up fast! Raising your puppy can be challenging in today’s busy world and sometimes we miss out on the crucial time between the ages of 7 and 16 weeks when puppies begin to form attitudes and opinions that will last a lifetime. An early start is important in preventing future behavioral problems that sometimes land good puppies in rescues and shelters. Your puppy cannot become the ideal of “Pet” without your guidance and an understanding of his nature and his needs. Your puppy wants to please you, he simply does not know how. Allow us to assist you in understanding your puppy and in getting the most out of your lives together.                    

EPT is a specialized in-home board and train program for puppies from 7 to 20 weeks of age. The earliest we prefer to start is at 8 weeks; however, in some situations we will take a puppy at 7 weeks of age. Spending time in the litter is an important part of your puppy’s socialization and emotional development, so we do not advocate removing your puppy from the litter sooner than 7 – 8 weeks. 

Socialization  -- Proper socialization should take place prior to 17 weeks.  Socialization during this short window of opportunity will guide your puppy’s development while he gains a clear understanding on appropriate behavior. While in our program, your puppy will encounter people of various ages, races, and sizes--from infants in strollers to uniformed public servants. We ensure positive and safe experiences where your pet is exposed to new people, places and things. Don’t be convinced by pet day care businesses that puppy socialization is about playing with puppies… it is a methodical process of increasing your puppy’s exposure to novel situations, people and other puppies.   

Confidence Building -- During EPT, we use confidence-building techniques to help your pet attain positive experiences in new situations. Using proper skills, we will help your puppy overcome most of his unreasonable fears in our environment. For many puppies, items such as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, lawn mowers, and umbrellas are new experiences that, if introduced improperly, may lead to permanent fears or even aggression towards people.  Let us help your puppy to learn to be a self confident, happy puppy.      

House Training (Potty Training) --By far, the most challenging of goals of EPT is teaching your puppy to eliminate out of doors. House Training is our focus from day one.  We make sure your puppy learns a schedule as similar as possible to YOUR FAMILY’S schedule including feeding, elimination and sleeping to minimize any backsliding of house training.

Crate Training --We will train your puppy to accept a crate as his “safe place” where you can be sure he is not going to cause damage to your furniture AND you can ensure his safety. Our goal is to get your puppy to sleep through the night and to adopt your family’s normal schedule.                 

Problem Solving--Mouthing, Teething, Barking, and Jumping are NORMAL puppy behaviors; however, they don’t work in our world. By using positive reinforcement methods to minimize or eliminate these unwanted behaviors, we get your puppy on the right track for family integration.  We don’t believe in waiting until they are older to work on basic behaviors: an early start results in early resolution

Beginning Obedience Training --Depending on the length of the program you choose, Name Recognition, Recall, Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Leave it, Loose Leash Walking, Take It and Drop It are just some of the commands your puppy can learn. 

One of the benefits of our program is that your puppy is NEVER kept in a cold and impersonal kennel out of doors, in a garage or outside building.  Your puppy lives in our home with us with plenty of human companionship and interaction, just like you would want for your special puppy.  We only take a maximum of two puppies at a time, so YOUR PUPPY is OUR PRIORITY! 

Please call us for more information about our Early Puppy Board and Train.  We do take older puppies (up to 6 months of age) on occasion.  Reserve your puppy's best start by calling 704-980-9678.

Puppies in our Early Board and Train Program stay a minimum of 10 days.  We have had puppies with us up to 4 months.  Prices start at $64 per day.


** We are proud to be the premier training choice of Swinging Gate Australian Labradoodles



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